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Dr. Royal's books include:

THE GREATER DIMENSIONS OF SPIRITUALITY is Dr. Royal's most recent book, just published in October 2008. It sets forth a revolutionary and insightful way of thinking about spiritual reality as it correlates to the physical dimensions now being investigated and discovered by subatomic physicists. These higher physical dimensions have parallels, or correlates, in the higher spiritual dimensions explored in this book. By opening ourselves up to the higher spiritual dimensions, we gain access to the resourcefulness of the One Great Mind, which provides us the infinite and perfect solutions to all of our perceived problems.

This book teaches how to turn problems into opportunities for happiness, peace of mind, prosperity, and successful living in any legitimate expression.  They do not require anyone to regret the mistakes they have made in their lives.  No matter what our errors may have been, the reality that we call God never holds anything against us.  As we desire and aspire to express the joys of unlimited splendor in our lives, we receive a divine embrace. The only judgments made about our mistakes are the ones we are making about ourselves and each other.

To think like the Great One Mind is not to condemn ourselves or anyone else.  If we feel guilty, anxious, depressed, or even that we are failures, Something Greater than we are provides us the way into a resolution with no further pitfalls.  The correction may necessitate our forgiving ourselves and others, but when the forgiveness takes place it alone opens up the gates to as much good as we can imagine.  We do not have to pay for our wrongs beyond what our government may require if our wrongs included crimes.  However, the greatest results for abundant blessings come to us as we believe we are loved and as we love ourselves and each other.

How does all this take place?  It happens through our thinking the most ethical, beneficial ideas, and then making them into patterns of thought that we choose to live by.  This book explains that we can lift our thoughts into higher conceptions of life and thereby open ourselves to dimensions of living that provide perfect health, bliss, and personal achievements we have always desired.  It happens through the renewal of our Spirits, which have been given us so that we may learn how to be in harmony with the principles of life and the camaraderie that is naturally obtainable as we choose to live with high thoughts and kind acts.

Insecurity, guilt, self-rejection, and anxiety are temporary experiences that can be reversed as we believe, accept, and permit the magnificence of great living to flow through us. Paperback, 486 pages, $24.95.

To read what others have said about THE GREATER DIMENSIONS OF SPIRITUALITY, please read Advance Praise; you may also view the table of contents or read an excerpt here.

MEETING THE LOVEFRIEND is not about romance, but rather about a deep spiritual awareness of the Presence of God. The Lovefriend is another name, one I personally gave It when I was sixteen, referring to God' s amazing Love, which I discovered then as very unconditional and wonderfully supportive. My direct awareness of deity occurred at a low point in my young life, and transformed my perspective as well as my life. The book' s content is about the nature of Love and how it is that everyone experiences It, but each according to the development of that one' s consciousness. When belief is meager, Love reveals little or nothing about God and Truth. When belief is very substantial, Love reveals Its nature as unconditional and unlimited in resourcefulness. Paperback, 378 pages, $14.95.

SECOND REFLECTIONS is an insightful book about the views of the New Testament Paul. His seeming beliefs about women's not having equal rights to those of men are explained anew as symbolical of the relationship that intuition has to conscious functioning. It explains how meditation is successful when one becomes receptive as has been the natural feminine stance, through the symbolism of keeping the head covered while in church or the meditative state, so that no interferences can seep into the deepening of consciousness. The symbology of what Paul calls the man, the church, and the actions which even he interpreted literally, are shown to inspire and guide actions from an understanding of High Truth. Had he reflected a second time upon his ideas, he would have interpreted his insights as being the basis for both equality and an enriched approach to meditation. The result shows that Spirit was speaking through Paul to show any person how to express both a considerable receptivity to Truth and an abundant life for the good of all. Paperback, 210 pages, $9.95.

LOVES SUPPORT GROUPS is useful for individuals or groups to get in touch with the Presence of God in a direct manner. Seven exercises are fully explained that allow guidance to regularly enrich individuals. Relationships are built with others when used in groups to build ability to hear the Presence, to discipline lives and resolve addictions, and to overcome loneliness even when alone. All procedures are oriented to function in positive manners. A 64 page booklet, paperback, for $3.95.

THE BIBLE TEACHES THE EVOLUTION OF SPIRITUAL CONSCIOUSNESS is a large book with eight ninety minute tapes. Eight lessons are included. Altogether, this album covers every story of the Bible, taught metaphysically. Its thesis is that Truth was taught within it from the beginning. Yet, God was at first considered a judge of people. An evolution of the peoples' thought gradually eventuated an understanding, consummated in Jesus' teachings, that we judge ourselves. God' s relationship to those judgments creates experiences in our lives which reflect the beliefs we have about the ideas of good and evil. This book was prepared to teach ministers. Nevertheless, it is very easy for most people to read it and gain its insights. The book part is in a good quality notebook form; the tapes are in a large album. Together they sell for $99.00. An edition which includes The New Testament part of it, two of its lessons, and two of its cassette tapes sells for $39.00.

Dr. Royal's CD:

"The Pursuit of Happiness" Released in October 2008, this CD is about the nature of happiness, how it comes about, and what we can do to accept it and express it on a continuous basis.  Briefly, happiness arises when we are secure with life and align ourselves with the spontaneous source of the natural order of life.  The expressions of joy, peace of mind, success, and high love are available to every person through thinking with clarity, positive ideas, and trusting that good experiences can displace all other kinds. Discovering how right thinking can cause happiness to abound is the core of the turnabout for anyone who seeks self-fulfillment.  The state of happiness exists deep inside within every person.  What is inside can be brought outside, and when we understand this, we gain access to the elusive knowledge of the happiness we harbor deep within. It is also necessary to discover that as long we think of God as our judge, our experience of life will tend toward unhappiness; –and when we reverse that belief, and accept that all judgments are created from the self, our life experience will tend toward happiness instead. (74 min., $14.95)

Dr. Royal's Cassette Tapes:

"The Fourth and Fifth Spiritual Dimensions" The description of the Fourth and Fifth Spiritual Dimensions specifies that we generally live in the third dimension, which means we think that the nature of everything includes three physical components: length, width, and height.  Although that is true, it leads us to think of everything, including persons, as objects.  Whereas scientists use this way of thinking beneficially in their hypotheses, our use of it as an everyday presumption causes us to denigrate persons into objects.  To lift our thinking into believing that every person and thing is a Spirit enables us to know the truth of reality.   The fourth dimension begins this process by shifting our thinking from focusing on objects into having objectives, which is better, yet there are problems and disappointment in the Fourth as much as in the third.  The fifth dimension is experienced as we actually believe all are Spirits.  This is not done casually.  It requires us to rethink all that enters our minds.  Whenever we succeed, which is generally acomplished only for seconds or minutes, the healings of our problems are accomplished.  This tape provides guidelines. (90 min., $10.00).

"Care that is Positive, Powerful, and Constructive" As we accept ourselves and others just as all of us are, the potentiality for happy, wholesome, and deeply satisfying relationships takes place. This includes that we cease caring for the opinions that others have about us, but that we care deeply about what we think of ourselves and others. (60 min., $8.00)

"From Forgiveness to Innocence" All people are born innocent of wrongdoing. When mistakes are made, it is because we truly do not know any better. As we discover the spiritual course for right action, we tend to feel the need to forgive ourselves. We eventuate the knowledge of innocence as we grow through the actions of forgiveness to the awareness of who we are. (60 min., $8.00)

"Garden of the Soul" All thoughts are seeds which "run" our lives. This tape teaches how to cultivate your consciousness so that your seed ideas will make your life positive. (60 min., $8.00)

"God' s Will and Your Will" God only desires for you happiness, joy, peace of mind, wonderful relationships, and prosperity. It can be discovered deep within our thoughts; the recognition causes these benefits to be manifested in the here and now! (90 min., $9.00)

"Intelligent Decisions Empower You" Discover how to always say yes or no. Make decisions which are for your good that are not undermined by procrastination. Discover the power of conscious decisiveness. Allow the Supreme Intelligence to act through you and as you. (60 min., $8.00)

"Intuition and Guidance" Intuition is greatly increased through thinking upon high ideas. Guidance comes as one deepens the belief that the Infinite Wisdom is always there for the taking. (60 min., $8.00)

"Living in the Light" This tape provides a meditative approach which can deliver a person from scattered and confused thinking, bring poise to the emotions, and establish a sense of the Spiritual Presence. (60 min., tape $8.00)

"Money Flow, The" As one allows the Higher Intelligence to be the guide and source of understanding, one' s life is blessed with an infinite supply of money and other forms of wealth. This includes living by certain spiritual principles that are unfailing. (60 min., $8.00)

"Spiritual Mind Healing" Patterns of affirmative interests already dwell within our thoughts. Yet they will not manifest to replace disease unless they are keenly recognized. Ideas for this recognition are explained. (90 min., $9.00)

"Unlimited Ability" You can do anything that you desire. It occurs as you get in touch with the Divine Intelligence that is always willing to act through you. This includes your awaking to the latent potentiality that was built into you before you were born. (90 min., $9.00)

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