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"... limitation, evil, suffering, and uncertainty are not God-ordained." Ernest Holmes

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"Life is the childhood of our immortality."

"whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours." 
    Mark, 11:24


"our belief sets the limit to our demonstration of a Principle which, of Itself, is without limit."
    Ernest Holmes


Cease allowing others to control you.
Failure is the result of your thinking that you are separated from the Intelligence of the Universe.

There is One Great Mind from which all the lesser minds of persons have sprung. All that exists has been created, emanated, or in some other marvelous way expressed by and through that One Great Mind. The causation of everything continuously comes about through the workings of the One Mind and the minds of people. A dynamic relationship exists between the One Great Mind and our subordinate minds. Our lesser minds can express astonishingly great accomplishments when they allow the One Great Mind to guide them. The relationship we achieve in accepting that guidance varies depending upon the resourcefulness of the dimension of thought to which we open ourselves.

There is One Great Reality that we all experience, but in various ways, coming from the perspectives we bring to It. Its many dimensions can be discovered through spirituality or the work of subatomic physics, which means that humankind has developed knowledge of two somewhat different perspectives of reality. Most of the time, we live our lives and develop these perspectives within the third dimension. This is because we tend to see everything as objects, all of which have length, height and width.

However, today subatomic physicists are hypothesizing and exploring higher numbered dimensions. They are declaring that at least eleven or possibly more dimensions exist. The European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) is conducting this research near Geneva with the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). The finger-prints of the extra dimensions are expected to provide compelling evidence of these extraordinary physical dimensions. Right now, they are preparing to expose string particles to higher numbered dimensions. This work is being carried out through the bombardment of highly energized particles.

We can also express ourselves through higher dimensions by having the perspective of a spiritually deep awareness. Anyone can do it. The interests spawned through most religious dogmas constitute the spiritual perspective of the third dimension. The spiritual perspective of the higher dimensions are rarely discovered by acquiring dogmas, but come about through a thorough going recognition that the consciousness or awareness of God’s Presence is best discovered deep within our individual selves. There, the Divine Empowerment changes disappointments to life-shifting experiences of GREATER GOOD. Regardless of education or religious background, the ability of persons to function in the higher-numbered spiritual dimensions rests on our allowing the One Great Mind of God to express through us and as us. By entering into the right dynamics with God, we can heal ourselves and others through Affirmative Prayers.

This web site of spirituality is anchored in this awareness of the spirituality within the higher dimensions. The pages on Healing for example, are predicated on the experiences of having relationships with God through the Greater Spiritual Dimensions. Further, the page on Ordering Books, CDs, and Cassette Tapes provides understandings about the spiritual experiences that are possible for anyone. The book published recently in 2008, The Greater Dimensions of Spirituality, especially conveys the nature of the spiritual dimensions and how they correlate with the perspective of the physical dimensions. The correlation really means that there are greater dimensions that are available for us to express vastly greater lives, which can be observed either from spiritual or physical perspectives.

The dimensions of spirituality are the deeply-felt consciousness or awareness of God’s Presence through which Divine Empowerment changes disappointments to life shifting experiences of GREATER GOOD.

They rebuild persons into the spiritual giants God knows us to be.



There is an incredible set of sciences that can set into motion our resourcefulness for great living.

All readers who are either ministers or laity of the Science of Mind persuasion do well to take note of the first paragraph of The Science of Mind, where Ernest Holmes begins his magnum opus by writing, “We all look forward to the day when science and religion shall walk hand in hand through the visible to the invisible. Science knows nothing of opinion, but recognizes a government of law whose principles are universal.” (SOM, p. 25.) Following a discussion of the promising arrival of the philosophical bond between the natural sciences and the Science of Mind, Holmes closed this opening section by providing the most significant tool for accepting both the teachings of the natural sciences and the spirituality inherent in the Science of Mind, with the phrase “what is tangible other than results?”

Holmes builds the case for our philosophy being like a science, and the natural sciences being like our teachings. In both instances, credibility arises from a procedure that yields very good accomplishments through the use of principles that are repeatable by any person who employs them as they are professed.

The book The Greater Dimensions of Spirituality is the result of my believing in Holmes’s conception that the natural sciences and spirituality “shall walk hand in hand.” We are on the verge of this now. We are wise as we recognize that NOW IS THE HOUR of this momentous development. Subatomic physicists are steadily moving toward discovering “The Theory of Everything.” As they progress, the discovery will be evidence that Spirit and the work of spirits like ourselves are consistent with all that they are seeking. The principles are being revealed through both the physical and spiritual perspectives. The indivisibility of principles, both physical and spiritual, will thus become widely accepted.

Transcending Ideas of Good versus Evil, Luck, & Hope

Drawing both from spirituality and the natural sciences, we can find resolutions to all presumed problems. This is possible because all persons born into the world have the freedom to think out their lives and how each one will thereby function. What we think about causes us to experience life as we do. There are four different ways that we tend to use in thinking about how we can function: (1) that everywhere is a struggle of good opposing evil, (2) that we can be lucky or unlucky, (3) that our greater possibilities for living the good life come about through hope, or (4) that we can transcend any and all of these ideas.

If good versus evil is our considered reality, we are influenced by a concept that there is an evil power, possibly a devil. This idea builds in our minds from a collection of ideas that affected us when we were young and up to the point of time that we actually believe that we can think for ourselves and be free of influences that are different than how we feel deep inside ourselves.  Although the master teacher Jesus spoke of a devil, his initial encounter with determining his mission for living included a total rejection of the idea and the scriptures say that from that time he had no further encounter with it. We can do likewise. We can tell ourselves that nothing matters to us except what we choose to accept of ourselves. However, to achieve this, we have to free ourselves from the influence of others, and accept only what we feel from deep inside ourselves.

If we choose to believe that our lives result from the presence or absence of luck, we will cause ourselves to have an endless series of lucky and unlucky breaks. They will not be caused by luck, but will arise randomly from the belief that luck is all that exists for us.

The idea that life is better if we are hopeful sometimes appear to be true. However, hope is not a power, and therefore, is not a great means for living better lives. To be expectant of a better life is a form of hope and is good as far as it goes. Yet, really good living comes to us if we understand principles, those of spirituality and the natural sciences. Living a principled life is powerful beyond what luck, hope or other theories can provide.

To transcend beliefs that we are coping with a power of evil, luck, or hope, is a right of consciousness. Building a consciousness of spirituality and accepting the principles of the natural sciences empowers us to accomplish our dreams. This involves a visioning process, and includes knowing the principles of how to think, feel, and accept the reality of the unlimited life possibilities for joy, peace, good health, prosperity, and great relationships with God, ourselves, and all people around us.

This high consciousness is possible for anyone, regardless of disappointments and harsh experiences that may have preceded our interest to form it. We are to become aware of being individually composed of inner and outer senses of ourselves. This includes our recognizing that the inner and outer senses of Self are continuously in a relationship, but one about which we can be conscious of, or variously sometimes conscious and sometimes unconscious.

That which we call God is the Mind of the Universes. God is always thinking good thoughts.

These thoughts include that the ideas of Its Spirit are being born as persons on earth. In this way, the spirit of each of us has been joined with a body to express our lives. God has conceived of every person as whole, perfect, and complete. However, our parents and the surrounding communities have had ideas about us that feared we would not be whole, perfect, or complete. These ideas have been manifested. To avoid these anomalies, people have to learn how to think like God and to utilize the natural sciences in order to improve our world in the direction of God’s ideas for good.

Another way to understand this is to recognize that we have all been born free, to think for ourselves. True freedom has to mean that what we think has to materialize or the reality of freedom would be incomplete. The result of all this is that God’s idea is manifested while our idea is manifested too. How can that be? What God knows about us is the way we are deep inside. What we know about us is the way we manifest our lives on the outside, that is, in the ways we appear to be.

As we learn how to think about ourselves and each other as God thinks, what appears outwardly is healed of adverse conditions. To understand this more completely, it is to be understood that the inward self that we all are knows only the good life that we outwardly desire, but God does not force us to accept this. We are free to think and function as we choose. To the degree that we choose to live life as God has made us deep inside, we are similarly healed outwardly.

Both our growth in the consciousness of the principles of spirituality and the application of the principles of the natural sciences, are the means by which we become all that we can be. The outward sense of person has the privilege of determining what that will be, and the inward sense of person brings forth the power of God to make it so.

The book, The Greater Dimensions of Spirituality, teaches these understandings.

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