The Greater Dimensions

of Spirituality

  Many persons have experienced what they call miracles.  In trying to understand why wonderful things happen that seem to defy our knowledge of the natural order, we have created and used the word miracle for many millennia.  Now, we have a natural explanation for these phenomena.  Although the presumed miracles have been thought of as religious noumena, we can now recognize them as something which come under the umbrellas of both the natural sciences and religion.  This breakthrough is the result of an awareness that has been long in coming.  Both the natural sciences and religion have been looking for the abilities to connect with higher dimensions than the third dimension.  The third is what most of us have conceived as being the whole nature of reality.  The third dimension is the experiences we have as we believe that everything has three aspects of being: a length, a width, and a height. 

At present, natural scientists, most particularly subatomic physicists, have come to the awareness that we can use science to enter dimensions much higher than the third.  It began with Albert Einstein calculating that the elements of time and space cannot be understood separately.  This resulted in his declaration that the fourth dimension is the experience of joining time and space into one reality.


Einstein told us we are wise to acknowledge that all our experiences occur within a space-time continuum.  This includes that we live in a reality having four components, length, width, height, and time.  However, physicists are now explaining reality by understanding time as a different dimension, often denoting it as the eleventh dimension.  If time is the eleventh dimension, then there must be dimensions numbered from four through ten:  What is their nature?  Obviously, physicists believe that they are dissimilar from each other, or they would not be considered different dimensions.  At present, the research and recent books about the other dimensions comprise another great movement of science within our time.

In religions, there have been many people who have believed that miracles exist outside of the natural laws that science uses to explain the world.  They think that miracles are exceptions to these laws, which occur when God intercedes for certain persons who are good enough or believe the “right things” to deserve blessings that would be impossible except through the deity breaking natural laws to accommodate them.  It is easy to understand why many people have presumed this, yet natural law can provide us all we need.  Unlimited solutions for our good are within the whole truth of reality, but are only partially known.  Science is only beginning to make the discoveries of the full nature of reality.  Of course, it is easy to presume that we know just about everything there is to know.  That is the crux of our making assumptions about reality as though its real nature is obvious.  However, what is obvious is only the surface of the knowledge that awaits us.  Like some people often say, what we know so far is only “the tip of the iceberg.”

In the natural sciences, we have much yet to know because we have largely lived in superstitions and are just now rising above many of them.  In religions, we have assumed that our dogmas tell it all.  But the fact that nearly all religious groupings have different dogmas is evidence that we are yet searching for the underlying truth about spirituality.  We have only found enough information to build intolerances with others.  Dogmas generally lead us to think that there is only one certain way to function in order to avoid God’s judgments.  However, until we enter into experiences of the Presence and empowerment of God, unfortunately, we are largely depending upon what others have told us.  In truth, those who have preceded us knew much less than we do now; the greater solutions for greater living await all of us discovering the truth which most fully is given us from inside ourselves. 

All the time, there are spiritual dimensions into which we can enter and experience the Joy, Unconditional Love, Peace of Mind, and personal unfoldment of the Spirit each of us has deep inside ourselves.  The perspectives we can use to enter the greater dimensions, whether we are thinking about them form the perspective of the natural sciences or the viewpoints of spirituality, are curled up in the least obvious places.  The subatomic physicists tell us that the greater dimensions are curled up inside themselves and are smaller than the human eye can observe.  Likewise the greater dimensions of spirituality are curled up inside ourselves. 

The truth is that there are higher dimensions than can be discovered by the usual methods we generally use to find anything.  These dimensions can be viewed through either spirituality or the natural sciences.  They will seem somewhat different when we discover them through using either spiritual or physical means of knowing.  However, no one is exempted from being able to discover the greater dimensions.

Those who are eager to discover the greater dimensions may profit from the book, “The Greater Dimensions of Spirituality,” the audio CD “The Spirit of Happiness,” and the cassette tape “The 4th and 5th Spiritual Dimensions.”   All are described on this website, under Ordering Books, CDs, and Cassette Tapes.


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